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Dhai Akshar Prem Ke

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Dhaai Akshar Prem Ki

Directed byRaj Kanwar
Produced byRaj Kanwar
K. Pappu
Amardeep Singh
Written byJainendra Jain
Raj Kanwar
Ratna Rajaia
StarringAbhishek Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai
Music byJatin Pandit
Lalit Pandit
Naresh Sharma
CinematographyIshwar Bidri
Editing byKuldeep Mehan
Release date(s)Flag of India October 17,
Running time167 min.
IMDb profile

Dhaai Akshar Prem Ki is a 2000 Bollywood romantic drama film. It was the first of five films in which currently married couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai starred together. The film is a remake of the 1995 Hollywood film A Walk in the Clouds.



Dhai Akshar Prem Ke – inspired by a Kabir couplet, marks the silver screen debut of the good looking rampwalker Inder Sudan in a villainous role, and also casts Sonali Bendre, Anupam Kher, Sushma Seth, Tanvi Azmi and Amrish Puri apart from Aishwarya Rai in the female lead.

In the film, Abhishek plays an Army Captain Karan Khanna, a chivalrous young gentleman, whose generosity in helping Sahiba Grewal (Aishwarya), a maiden in distress, lands him in invidious circumstances.

Sahiba is an intelligent, shy, and sensitive girl attending a college a long way from home. She belongs to a typical Rajput family in which tradition requires that a girl give her consent readily to marry the man chosen by her family. But being a girl of contemporary times that she is, Sahiba refuses to submit to age-old traditions. To avoid an arranged marriage, she tells a lie that she is already married. This angers her father Yogi Grewal (Amrish Puri).

The fake husband is the handsome Aarmy captain of course. The two meet at a train station after Karan saves Sahiba from a group of men who are trying to kill her; Sahiba explains that she had witnessed a murder, and the murderer had sent his men after her. Karan, learning Sahiba's plight, decides to escort her home and help her explain matters to her family. Once home, the family mistakes Karan for Sahiba's presumed husband, and the situation does not improve when Karan and Sahiba try and fail to tell the truth.

Sahiba's family consists of a smiling grandmother (Sushma Seth), a jovial uncle (Anupam Kher) who is more a friend than an uncle, and an understanding aunt (Tanvi Azmi), all of whom take a great liking to Karan. Sahiba's father, however, does not.

At first, Karan is anxious to get out of the situation and go meet his friend Nisha (Sonali Bendre) who he had fallen in love with but had not seen for a year. However, being an orphan, Karan soon gets carried away by the love and affection Sahiba's family showers him with.

Meanwhile, Sahiba has fallen in love with Karan. Following a misunderstanding in which the family celebrated Sahiba's and Karan's pregnancy (which did not occur), Karan decides that he should walk out. Before he can, though, a distressed Sahiba tells Karan that she loves him and begs him not to leave. He leaves anyway.

Upon meeting Nisha, he discovers that she has already married and she had never taken him for more than a friend. Meanwhile, Yogi, who had finally taken a liking to Karan after learning of the "pregnancy," is angry that Karan left and even more angry when Sahiba tells him that she and Karan were never married.

Karan is overcome with grief and guilt for having left Sahiba for Nisha when Nisha did not love him. In the shock of discovering Nisha's marriage, he also discovers that he had fallen in love with Sahiba but had been too focused on Nisha to realize it. He decides to go back to Sahiba's house and apologize. Upon entering, Yogi berates him and after revealing that he has arranged Sahiba's engagement to another young man, he tells Karan to leave and never come back.

Meanwhile, Sahiba is distressed to find out that the man she is engaged to had murdered a girl at Sahiba's college hostel- the very murderer whose men Karan had rescued her from. She explains this to her father, but he does not believe her; the young man in question, Vicky, happens to be the son of a family friend, Rai Singhal (Dalip Tahil).

Rai Singhal reveals his true colors when Yogi overhears him telling his son that they would use Sahiba to inherit her father's money, then they would get rid of her. Karan, who had been reunited with Sahiba by her uncle Raunaq and had been told who Vicky was, arrives at the scene and a fight starts. It ends with Yogi and Karan captured and trapped in Singhal's warehouse, which Singhal and his henchmen have set on fire in order to ensure that Vicky and Sahiba's wedding will not be disrupted. Karan and Yogi struggle to escape the fire; in the process, Yogi reveals that he loves his daughter to death and does not know what he would do if something happens to her.

In the meantime, the wedding takes place. Sahiba is so overcome with grief and stress that she swallows poison. Before the wedding is complete, Yogi and Karan arrive and beat down Singhal, Vicky, and their henchmen. Before everyone can celebrate, though, Sahiba faints. They rush her to the hospital; Karan refuses to leave her bedside while she's unconscious. Soon she wakes up, and the doctors declare that she will live. Yogi realizes that Karan and Sahiba are meant for each other.

The last scene shows the family ushering a visibly pregnant Sahiba out of the house and into a car. Karan quiets everyone down, shouts that it's going to be a girl, and lifts Sahiba up and acrries her away. The movie ends joyously.



  • Aishwarya Rai and Abhsihek Bachchan are to married in real life.

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